Curiosity update: Time to feed CheMin

2058MR0109120010903656E02_DXXXSols 2061-62, May 23, 2018, update by MSL scientist Lauren Edgar: After successfully drilling the “Duluth” target on Sol 2057 (as seen in the above Mastcam image), the science team is eager to find out what it’s made of. As SOWG Chair today, it was exciting to plan the drop-off of material to CheMin and overnight CheMin analysis. Hopefully we’ll get some good data about the mineralogy of this sample!

In addition to the CheMin activities, the team planned another ChemCam observation of the “Duluth” drill hole, and nearby bedrock and vein targets named “Prosit” and “Grand Marais.” On Monday we delivered three portions of the drill material to a nearby rock surface, and in today’s plan we’re monitoring those piles to see if any of the fines are moving in the wind. We’ll also check for changes in a sandy ripple… [More at link]

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