Curiosity update: Watch the skies

NRB_582939234EDR_F0710228NCAM00276M_-br2Sols 2090-92, June 26, 2018, update by MSL scientist Ryan Anderson: Despite the global dust storm (more correctly known as a “planet encircling dust event”) darkening the skies, our nuclear-powered rover continues to do good science. The sol 2090 plan begins with the first of several Navcam observations of the dusty atmosphere over the weekend, followed by ChemCam observations of the targets “Caribou Lake,” “Simar,”and “Arlberg”. ChemCam also will image the target “Young Lake” again. Mastcam will take individual pictures of the ChemCam targets on Arlberg and Caribou Lake, plus small stereo mosaics of Simar and “Hawk Ridge” to help measure the orientation of the veins and layers seen there. Mastcam will then make some observations of the sun and the distant crater rim to measure the dust in… [More at link]

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