Curiosity update: The hunt for red Jura

NLA_597247177EDR_F0730722NCAM00353M_-br2Sol 2252-53, December 5, 2018, update by MSL scientist Abigail Fraeman: Even though they looked promising from a few meters away, this morning’s workspace images showed us that the red Jura rocks we had hoped to drill are too fractured to drill safely. The texture of these rocks is actually fairly typical of the red Jura rocks, so finding one that is drillable may be challenging.

But we’re not giving up right away! The science and engineering teams identified another promising rock candidate just a few meters away, and we’re going to bump towards that area in today’s plan to get a closer look. As Surface Properties Scientist (SPS) today, I worked with the rover drivers to evaluate the geological properties of the terrain we will cross during this drive to ensure we won’t drive over any rover hazards… [More at link]

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