Curiosity update: Happy 2019, Earthlings!

2276MR0121250020106634C00_DXXXSols 2279-80, January 4, 2019, update by MSL scientist Claire Newman: The holiday planning completed successfully and included 10 sols of five-hour-long morning meteorological observations by REMS, during the period when more complex activities were precluded. The main goals for the Sol 2279-2280 plan were to catch up on our other regular atmospheric monitoring activities, which were largely on hold over the holidays, and to prepare for drop-off of the “Rock Hall” red “Jura” drill sample into SAM for analysis.

A dust devil 360° image search and 30-minute movie pointing to the south-west were added in the late morning on sol 2280, with REMS covering the same time period; this allows us to see if any of the dusty vortices found by imaging coincide with vortex-like (sharp, short-lived) pressure drops in the REMS pressure data. In addition, the atmospheric column opacity, as well as the amount of dust between Curiosity and the crater rim, were measured in the morning and afternoon, with morning and afternoon ‘cloud search’ movies added too, plus regular RAD and DAN passive measurements… [More at link]

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