Curiosity update: And objects in the rear-view mirror may appear…interesting!

RLA_605050903EDR_F0740762RHAZ00311M_Sol 2340, March 6, 2019, update by MSL scientist Susanne Schwenzer: In the current plan, we start with a dust devil survey to look for them while they are still in season. This is followed by a ChemCam investigation “Schiehallion” and an RMI mosaic on “Motherwell.” Mastcam will finish off the investigation with multispectral images on the block in front of us, which contain the previous APXS targets “Fife” and “Arbuthnott.” So far, so routine, but then there was the look in the rear-view mirror!

Finishing up at the “Midland Valley” outcrop also included the inspection of a wide range of new images. In those images the team discovered a block that allows a unique 3D view of the rocks in the area. As the rover stands at this moment, the rock of interest is just behind it, with the line of sight and ChemCam line of laser shot blocked by the rover itself. The question was, whether to proceed as planned and drive… [More at link]

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