THEMIS: Syrtis Major Planum in false color

Syrtis Major Planum in false color (THEMIS_IOTD_20190405)THEMIS Image of the Day, April 5, 2019. This false-color VIS image is located in the center of Syrtis Major Planum. At the top of the image is Nili Patera, a volcanic summit.

The sand dunes located near Nili Patera are visible on the left side of the image. The bottom of the image is just west of Meroe Patera. Dunes located between Nili and Meroe are visible towards the bottom of the image.

Winds in the region have created the dunes, but also many windstreaks on the downward side of craters in the image. Wind streaks indicate the direction of the wind. In this region the winds are blowing from east to west.

The THEMIS VIS camera contains 5 filters. The data from different filters can be combined in multiple ways to create a false color image. These false color images may reveal subtle variations of the surface not easily identified in a single band image.

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