ExoMars rover PanCam filter set

ExoMars_PanCam_filters_node_full_image_2This may look like a collection of colourful contact lenses and in some respects there are some similarities: these are the filters through which the ExoMars rover – Rosalind Franklin – will view Mars in visible and near infrared wavelengths.

They are pictured here in their individual transport cases, before they were installed in the filter wheels of the Panoramic Camera, PanCam, which comprises two wide-angle cameras and a high-resolution camera. The wide-angle cameras are mounted at each end of the PanCam unit and form a stereo pair. Each camera has a filter wheel with 11 positions. Red, green and blue broadband imaging filters for colour stereo imaging are common to both left and right cameras; the remaining eight are different between left and right to provide the range of filters needed for geological and solar imaging. The geology filters have been specifically selected to identify water-rich minerals and clays on Mars… [More at link]

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