Curiosity update: A drill with a view

NLB_617748451EDR_S0763002NCAM00278M_-br2Sols 2482-83, July 30, 2019, update by MSL scientist Mariah Baker: The rover is currently located in the southern part of the “Visionarium,” where we are set to start our next drill campaign, and we can’t help but take in the scenery! Perched on top of a small escarpment, we have arguably one of the best backdrops we have ever had during a drill campaign. The stunning panoramic views of Mount Sharp and surrounding terrains (like those seen in the Navcam image above) could truly take one’s breath away – if the lack of oxygen wasn’t enough!

Today marked drill Sol 1, which meant the team was focused on locating and prioritizing drillable rocks in our workspace. The target “Glen Etive 1″ was selected as the primary drill option; ChemCam, MAHLI, and APXS measurements on Glen Etive 1 will provide information on the geologic and chemical properties of this rock before we start to drill. ChemCam will also target another spot on the same rock layer (“Glen Etive 2″) as well as a target on another outcrop nearby (“Ninian”). We also included… [More at link]

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