Curiosity update: A fountain of data

2459ML0130590010903606E01_DXXX-br2Sols 2463-64, July 11, 2019, update by MSL scientist Michelle Minitti: Curiosity continued work on and around the gorgeous outcrop pictured above that was started on Sol 2461. The layers of the outcrop – with their different colors, textures and thicknesses – tell us a story, one we worked to decipher in this plan with our full complement of contact and targeted science instruments. MAHLI and APXS will start by analyzing a grayish red target, “Tay,” on a block adjacent to the one pictured. The team hoped Tay’s grayish red color would be indicative of less dust cover; in other words, a chance for Tay to tell us a clearer story! ChemCam will shoot another gray target, “Donside,” that resembles one of the thicker gray layers seen in the outcrop above, and “Fountainbridge,” located on the farside of the outcrop where it exhibits a cracked texture. Off to the right of the rover, Mastcam will image a block, “Achmelvich,” near the right rear wheel that was shifted during our last drive, revealing the steep face of a sand deposit sitting amongst the bedrock in the area. [More at link]

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