Curiosity update: Just another week on Mars

CR0_618544003PRC_F0763002CCAM01490L1-br2Sols 2492-94, August 12, 2019, update by MSL scientist Brittney Cooper: It’s the end of another week on Mars, and today we put together a 3 sol weekend plan for Curiosity. Given the RSM-related issues that we incurred this past week, we are still being cautious, but the diagnostic testing that ran in the last plan was successful.

To exercise that caution, we began planning this morning with a little shuffle of science blocks to ensure that any observations that have the RSM pointing above the horizon are run prior to last the satellite communications pass that will transmit data to the team in time for planning on Monday morning.

Our plan begins with a hefty two hour science block on the first sol that features both a Mastcam tau and crater rim extinction observation to measure the amount of dust and clouds in the atmosphere. The Mastcam images are then followed by two alternating ChemCam LIBS and RMI observations of bedrock and crushed rock (targets “Glen Affric” and “Grey Corries,” respectively)… [More at link]

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