Curiosity update: SAM is GO for analyzing the Glen Etive drill sample

NRB_618994355EDR_F0763002NCAM00556M_-br2Sols 2497-98, August 12, 2019, update by MSL engineer Ashley Stroupe: This morning, after seeing that the redo of the SAM Preconditioning in Monday’s plan was successful, the SAM team was ready to drop-off four portions to SAM for evolved gas analysis. The power demands of SAM left little room for other activities on the first sol of the plan, but we were able to fit in some additional science on the second sol. In the afternoon of sol 2498, we’ll be doing targeted science, including Mastcam and ChemCam, of the targets “Liberton” and “Torberg” to get… [More at link]

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