Curiosity update: Science to exhaustion

FRB_619516502EDR_F0763002FHAZ00341M_-br2Sols 2502-03, August 20, 2019, update by MSL scientist Ryan Anderson:┬áThe Sol 2502-2503 plan starts with a couple of ChemCam observations on the bedrock targets “Papigoe” and “Princes Street,” followed by a Mastcam stereo mosaic of “Stone Row.” Then in the afternoon of Sol 2502, Curiosity will portion out all the sample material from the “Glen Etive” drill hole that remains in the drill stem, in an activity called “portion to exhaustion,” taking plenty of Mastcam images to document the process. Sol 2502 will end with an overnight APXS atmospheric observation.

On Sol 2503, ChemCam has some more activities, starting with an analysis of the bedrock target “Macbeth’s Cairn.” This will be followed by an autonomously targeted observation of some of the bright veins in the bedrock target “Lamlash.” ChemCam will finish up with… [More at link]

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